• The Joy of Tax Season!

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – FEB• 19•11It’s tax season again! Saying this to Uncle Sam is like saying, “It’s deer season” to a hunter. Government officials are loading up while IRS agents point out the big game. Uncle Sam is so excited, he’s already spent what he’ll bag this year. And next year. And the […]

  • Lost in the Jungle

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – JAN• 21•11I walked alone in the jungles of Panama, trying to find something that looked familiar. After hours of wandering, and seeing what looked like the same scenery, I realized that I was in serious trouble. Was that the same coconut tree I saw a few minutes ago? And a […]

  • Resolutions Worth Keeping

    I watched December desperately holding on to my calendar as I ripped it away. The old year was gone—along with its problems, triumphs, disappointments, successes, and failed commitments. In my mind’s eye, I could see last year’s resolutions clinging to the page, crying out for me to give a last effort to fulfill the empty […]

  • Mom’s Meltdown

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – DEC• 21•10One advantage writers have is that every situation is viewed through the eyes of our internal writer. Frustrations, heartaches, joys, and all other events of daily life find their places on our ‘to write’ list. The truth is, smooth sailing doesn’t make for good reading. So when someone tells […]

  • The Edge of Innocence

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – MAY• 10•10Growing up in the south during the late 60s, I was raised on the edge of innocence. The simple joys I learned from my grandparents would become a strong foundation for dealing with life as it unfolded around me. The years ahead would bring the sexual revolution, an unprecedented […]

  • Now That’s Academics!

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – FEB• 09•10I graduated in the top ninety-eight percent of my class. That’s what I tell people, because it’s true, and it sounds good. Most people say, “Wow. You must be smart.” Ninety-eight percent covers all but the lowest two percent of the student body; therefore, it could place me anywhere […]

  • War for the Roses

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – FEB• 13•10ay Leno once said, “It’s Valentines Day. Or as men call it, Extortion Day.” When romantic days draw near, married men break into a sweat. Romance was easier when love was new, but after nineteen years of marriage, all card bearing days have become a challenge. I find myself […]

  • Slysdexics are Teople Poo

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – FEB• 06•10 I didn’t even know how to spell dyslexia until I found out I are one. Once, when making a joke about dyslexia, a woman scolded me, saying that it was degrading, offensive, and I shouldn’t make fun of people who struggle with this problem. To which I replied, […]

  • Oh no! My child is talking!

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – FEB• 04•10Have you noticed that kids often say the strangest things? It wouldn’t be so bad, if not for the fact that my children carry my last name, thus making it undeniable that I bear some of the responsibility for what pops out of their mouths. Sometimes they repeat things […]

  • Grab the Nachos, Here Comes the Blizzard

    WRITTEN BY: EDDIE SNIPES – JAN• 09•10This has been an unusually cold winter, by Georgia standards. In this region, we are doing well to have one winter storm a year, but in the last month, we’ve had three. The bad news about southern snow is that the temperature is rarely below freezing when snow begins, […]